Hardwood – The Time-honored Choice

Select Hardwood for Any Room

HardwoodNew advances in technology afford engineered hardwood floors the flexibility for installation above, at, or even below grade. Several layers of construction are bonded together to prevent bowing/shrinking in cool, moisture prone areas.

All our hardwood floor selections are clearly labeled for performance in a variety of conditions and applications. Below Level (below grade and at ground level, grade) or Above Level, residential or commercial settings.

Styles To Meet Your Tastes

Strip Flooring
The flooring comes in strips with widths that range from 1 1/2″ through 2 1/2″ and thicknesses of 5/16″ through 3/4″. Strip flooring creates a traditional look, and can produce an illusion that a room is larger than it is.

Plank Flooring
HardwoodPlank flooring also comes in strips, but they are wider, usually from 3″ through 7. Plank flooring can be used to create a more rustic or earthy look as well as a historical appearance with antique applications.

Parquet Flooring
Parquet flooring is a series of wood pieces that create a geometric design. Parquet offers a variety of design options. It can create an elegant look for formal settings or a more contemporary spin for casual spaces.


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